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National Strategy for Sustainable Development

One of the principal tasks related to sustainable development under the Environment Protection Act concerns the formulation of a National Strategy for Sustainable Development (NSSD). The process of drafting the Strategy started in December 2002.

The NSSD was launched for public consultation during a National Conference in April 2004, through which a broad range of perspectives on sustainable development were solicited. These views were woven together to update the draft NSSD and identify priorities, and a second draft was published in July 2004. A third draft of the Strategy was drawn up following a second National Conference, held in April 2006, and subsequent to further revisions, the Commission adopted the
NSSD in December 2006 and submitted it to the Government for endorsement. Strategic directions were reviewed and the Strategy was endorsed by Cabinet in December 2007.

The Malta statement at the World Summit on Sustainable Development at Johannesburg   identifies the existing priority areas for sustainable development, on which ongoing projects are focused: protecting marine and coastal areas of Northwest Malta, implementing the solid waste management strategy, the regeneration of Valletta and the development of a sustainable transport system.

Supporting Documents

Strategy Document