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Reference Number: PR182745, Press Release Issue Date: Dec 19, 2018
Following the position taken by Minister José Herrera back in June this year, the analysis report being carried out by the Environment and Resource Authority (ERA), concerning the potential search areas for land reclamation projects is currently at an advanced stage and various sites are being considered along the coast of Malta and Gozo.

As the primary focus of this analysis report is specifically the environmental context and perspective, the main objective is to outline the potential sites that fit within the parameters defined in the criteria being established for purpose of this analysis. The criteria aims to take into consideration various aspects such as limitation of impacts on the Habitat Directive Annex 1 habitats such as the Posidonia beds and other important habitat associations, the conservation of pristine natural areas both marine and terrestrial, avoiding the disturbance of areas which are known to host protected or other important species and also terrestrial areas without existing road infrastructure.

The exercise which is part of ERA’s contribution to the policy on land reclamation is intended to be concluded early next year and will be presented to the relevant stakeholders.