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Reference Number: PR150447, Press Release Issue Date: Mar 04, 2015
The Parliamentary Secretariat is publishing statistics pertaining to enforcement deployment and disclosure of bird-related crime during the last autumn hunting season which spanned from 1st September 2014 until 31st January 2015.
During this period, law enforcement authorities conducted around 16,500 field inspections, which is double the number of inspections conducted during the same period in 2013. Over 2,550 spot-checks were conducted upon individual hunters. During the course of inspections, the authorities disclosed 106 offences, which resulted in legal action being taken against 83 persons.
The statistics indicate a sustained and pronounced reduction across most of the categories of bird-related crime, in comparison with 2013 and 2012 autumn seasons. An increase in the penalties for offences, implemented in two stages over the past 16 months has provided a substantial legal deterrent, whilst the doubling of enforcement effort on the ground ensured that those who break the law are apprehended and effectively prosecuted according to legislation.
Commenting on the publication of this report, Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes said that the measures implemented by the authorities so far have had a noticeable and profound effect on the rate of incidence of bird-related crime in Malta. “The Government is committed to ensure that these positive trends are further consolidated and sustained over the coming months, with the ultimate aim being total eradication of illegal targeting of protected birds,” Roderick Galdes said.
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