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Ornis Committee

The Malta Ornis Committee
The Malta Ornis Committee is established by virtue of regulation 10 of the Conservation of Wild Birds Regulations for the purpose of advising the Minister on a range of matters concerning conservation of wild birds, including, inter alia, regarding parameters of any bird hunting seasons, authorization of derogations and monitoring of their implementation, policies related to conservation of wild birds, scientific studies and similar matters. The precise functions of the Committee are described in detail in regulation 10(6) of the Conservation of Wild Birds Regulations.

The Ornis Committee is composed of eleven members appointed by the Minister for a period of one year. The Committee consists of a Chairman, Secretary, two representatives of hunting organisations (FKNK), two representatives in the bird conservation sector (Birdlife Malta), three independent experts appointed by the government, an expert on the conservation of birds and an expert on hunting and trapping. All members, except the secretary, the expert on the conservation of wild birds and the expert on hunting and trapping have one vote each. The Chairman has a casting vote. 


Dr Joseph Grech

Mr Darrin Stevens
Mr Horace Micallef​
Mr Joseph Tabone
Mr Marco Falzon
Mr Lino Farrugia 
Mr Joe Perici Calascione
Mr Mark Sultana 
Mr Nicholas Barbara
Mr Mark Gauci
Mr Frank Vassallo

Mr Richard Lia​

The term of the above Ornis Committee members expires on 29/08/2019.

Minutes of the meetings (link to the document)





​​​​​​​•      Mi​nutes 22/11/2017​
​​​​​​​•      Mi​nutes 24/01/2018
​​​​​​​•      Mi​nutes 21/02/2018​
​​​​​​​•      ​Minutes 27/02/2018
​​​​​​​•      ​Minutes 25/04/2018​
•      ​Minutes 16/05/2018
•      Minutes 27/06/2018
•      Minutes 25/07/2018
•      Minutes 22/08/2018​​
•      Minutes 10/10/2018​​​  ​
​​​​​​•      Minutes 21/11/2018​​ ​

​​​​​​•      Minutes 16/01/2019​
​​​​​​​​•      Minutes 13/02/2019​
​​​​​​•      Minutes 20/03/2019​
​​​​​​•      Minutes 26/03/2019​
​​​​​​•      Minutes 03/04/2019​​
​​​​​​•      Minutes 10/07/2019
​​​​​​•      Minutes 31/07/2019​
​​​​​​​•      Minutes 18/09/2019​​
​​​​​​​•      Minutes 16/10/2019​​​