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30/04/2019: Guidance note on the importation of wild bird specimens and recognisable parts thereof into Malta​​

25/03/2019: Public Consultation - SL 549.42 Conservation of Wild Birds (Amendment) Regulation, 2019 (Closing date 22/04/2019)

12/03/2019: Conservation of Wild Birds Fund – Applications open till 12th June 2019

21/02/2019: Public Consultation – SL 549.90 Protection of Wild Rabbit (Amendment) Regulation, 2019 (Closing date 21/03/2019)

16/05/2018: ​LIFE-ENPE Wildlife Crimes Working Group & CMS joint training workshop summary Segovia, Spain​

09/05/2018:  Tajr protett u tajr kaċċabbli

Press Release (24/04/2018): 7,283 spezzjoni matul l-istaġun tal-kaċċa fir-rebbiegħa tal-2018: Żieda ta’ madwar 2,000 spezzjoni fuq l-istaġun tal-2017 ​

Press Release (09/04/2018): ’Il fuq minn 1,300 spezzjoni fl-ewwel ħames t’ijiem tal-istaġun tar-rebbiegħa​

Press Release (03/04/2018): Stqarrija maħruġa konġunta bejn is-Segretarjat Parlamentari għall-Agrikoltura, Sajd u Drittijiet tal-Annimali, il-Birdlife, WBRU u FKNK

26/03/2018: Policy on public lectures and information sessions by the Wild Birds Regulation Unit​​

Press Release (06/03/2018): Hunting of Quail during the 2018 Spring Hunting Season

23/02/2018: Ensuring Sustainability of Hunting Tourism​

Press Release (07/02/2018): Nine NGO projects benefit from grant for the conservation of wild birds

14/12/2017: Extensive field work in several parts of the Maltese Islands with the aim of monitoring and documenting regular wintering bird species​

17/11/2017: Partial Lapse and Revocation of the Live-Capturing Special Licenses: Hawfinch

Press Release (19/10/2017): Autumn live-capturing season to open tomorrow EN/MT

14/09/2017: Wild Birds Regulation Unit hosts a visit by representatives of Adriatic bird protection NGOs​

Press Release (29/08/2017): Autumn 2017 hunting season​​

Press Release (22/06/2017): Malta hosts and chairs important international meeting on conservation of wild birds ​

Press Release (31/05/2017) – Launch of the Conservation of Wild Birds Fund​ (Click here​ ​for guidelines)​

30/05/2017 - Government Gazette Notice – Conservation of Wild Birds Funding Scheme​​

10/04/2017: Wild bird’s conservation - Article by the Hon Roderick Galdes in the Times of Malta​​

28/03/2017: WBRU does not compete with NGOs for limelight​

27/03/2017: Assessment of the latest enforcement-related measures and​ outcome of the 2016 autumn hunting season​​​​

24/03/2017: Ancient art of falconry revived with the first group of falconers in the process of qualifying for license​​ EN ​| MT​

13/03/2017: Scientific study on breeding and wintering birds of the Maltese Islands ​

Press Release (21/02/2017): Hunting of quail during the 2017 spring hunting season

15/02/2017: Government rejects NGO claims over finch trapping​

13/02/2017: 2016 Annual report of the Wild Birds Regulation Unit highlights main deliverables​

09/02/2017: Innovative approaches to hunting regulation as contribution to Turtle Dove conservation in Malta


Press Release (20/12/2016): Illegal use of bird callers declined by 60% over pre-2013 levels​

25/11/2016: Information video regarding telephonic game reporting system​

03/11/2016: WBRU refutes CABS allegations ​

02/11/2016: Protected eagles targeted, suspect in custody​

Press Release (14/10/2016): Police, Wild Birds Regulation​Unit and Birdlife Malta in joint training on handling of injured birds​ (Presentation​)

30/08/2016: New rules for Autumn hunting season. EN​|MT

18/08/2016: Service Tender for The Collation of Primary and Secondary Data on Regular Breeding and Wintering Bird Species in the Maltese Islands and Compilation of Article 12 Report (Birds Directive) for The 2013-2018 Reporting Period, Including Malta Breeding Bird Atlas (2018)​

10/08/2016: Malta plays active role in facilitating Intergovernmental Task Force on Illegal Killing, Taking and Trade of Migratory Birds in the Mediterranean

10/08/2016: Wild Birds Regulation Unit participates in annual EU meeting of Directors of Hunting and Game Management

10/08/2016: Falconry regulations published​

04/08/2016: Procedure to be followed in case of discovery of stranded or injured wild birds​ EN|MT​​

01/07/2016: Enforcement officials of the Wild Birds Regulation Unit share experience with Italian colleagues​​

Press Release (06/06/2016): Stranded griffon vulture rescued​

Press Release (25/05/2016): Following consideration of hunting community’s proposals, Government declares moratorium on spring hunting of Turtle Dove​ EN|MT​

02/05/2016: Hundreds of feathery visitors find safe refuge in Malta overnight 

Cool westerly weather front brought with it an unusually large flock consisting of several hundred European honey buzzards, known in Maltese as “kuċċarda”. Hundreds of large raptors were observed roosting overnight around the wooded areas in Mizieb, Ghaxaq, Gudja, Safi, Buskett, Zejtun and Zabbar. Large flocks were also observed in Gozo. The Wild Birds Regulation Unit together with the Administrative Law Enforcement Unit of the Malta Police Force organised additional surveillance and patrols, as a precautionary measure to ensure the raptors enjoy a safe respite, prior to their onward journey towards Sicily. This morning the birds were seen around various locations to take up to the air safely, soaring high in search of thermal currents that will eventually carry them on their migration towards Europe. No illegal activities were detected.

Interview with the Head of Wild Birds Regulation Unit recorded on 22/04/2016​

Press Release (23/04/2016): Claims by NGO false and misleading​

16/04/2016: Malta elected to chair Bern Convention meetings on illegal killing of birds​​

19/03/2016: Scientific assessment reflected in the hunting season’s special measures​

15/03/2016: L-istaġun tal-kaċċa għall-Gamiema u s-Summiena ser jiftaħ fis-17 ta’ April, suġġett għal miżuri speċjali​

15/03/2016: Spring hunting season for Turtle Dove and Quail to open on 17th April, subject to special measures

09/03/16: WBRU hosts MCAST students visit​

08/03/2016: Important notice to hunters - Red-Breasted Merganser (Mergus serrator)​

29/02/2016: Sharp increase in inspections, further drop in illegal shooting and trapping of protected birds during autumn hunting season​

29/02/2016: Assessment of the latest enforcement-related measures and outcome of the 2015 autumn hunting season.​

27/01/2016: WBRU services for hunters and trappers in Gozo​

14/01/2016: Important notice to hunters and live-capturers​

18/11/2015: Stakeholder consultation launched on the proposed amendment of the Conservation of Wild Birds (Amendment no 2) Regulations.​​

Press Release (03/11/2015): Draft regulations concerning falconry launched for public consultation​

03/11/2015: Call for Expression of Interest – Provision of Rehabilitation Services for Wild Birds (No. 1067)​

28/10/2015: Stakeholder consultation launched on the proposed draft framework regulations to regulate falconry.​​

22/10/2015:  We have moved

Advert No:


Publishing Date

Closing Date

​MSDEC 115/2015

​​Tender for the Design and Production of Hunting and Live-Capturing Licences in Plastic Card Format and Accompanying Information Booklets.


​29/9/2015 at 10am

Notice (21/08/2015): Notice to taxidermists and persons in possession of stuffed birds​

Press Release (31/08/2015): Autumn hunting season (2015)​

Press Release (27/08/2015): Major strengthening of Conservation of Wild Birds Regulations

​​​Press Release (06/07/2015): Imniedi l-ewwel ċentru ta’ riabilitazzjoni għal għasafar midruba u proġett ta’ introduzzjoni mill-ġdid tal-Barbaġan​


MSDEC 91/2015

Service Tender for the Design and Implementation of Hunting and Live-Capturing Licensing and Telephonic Game Reporting System


17/7/2015 at 10am

Updated on 17/7/2015

Updated on 16-07-2015

Closing Date Extended to 24th July 2015 at 10am

Updated twice on 10/7/2015

As part of its continuous drive to promote hunter education and regulatory awareness, the Wild Birds Regulation Unit has developed an educational poster illustrating species of wild birds that can be hunted in Malta in accordance with the Conservation of Wild Birds Regulations (SL 549.42). This poster can be purchased at the price of €5 from the Head Office of the Wild Birds Regulation Unit during public opening hours on Thursdays and Fridays between 0900 and 1200.​​


Advert No:


Publishing Date

Closing Date

Advert 69/2015

Service Tender for an Independent Scientific Study on the Influx or Passage of Migratory Common Quail and Turtle Dove in Malta During the 2015 Autumn Season


5/6/2015 at 10am

​​Position of Coordinator (Wild Birds Regulation) in the Wild Birds Regulation Unit in the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change




Publishing Date

Closing Date


​Call for Quotations for the Provision on Lease of Office Space and Facilities to House the Wild Birds Regulation Unit​


30/4/2015 at 10am​

Press release (12/03/2015): Spring hunting season 2015/ Staġun tal-kaċċa fir-rebbiegħa 2015
Press Release (06/03/2015)   
Government publishes conservation status assessment for Turtle Dove and Quail
Press Release (04/03/2015):
Autumn Hunting Report: Reduction in Bird-Related Crime During 2014 Autumn Season
Press Release (02/03/2015)ress Release (02/03/2015)
:Government publishes Autumn 2014 Turtle Dove and Quail migration study report and Autumn hunting bag data
Press Release (29/01/2015ress Release (29/01/2015
): Il-liċenzji ġenerali tal-kaċċa u tal-insib (Carnet de Chasse 2014–15) u ċ-ċrieket tal-għasafar tal-għana iridu jiġu rritornati lill-MaltaPost minn Nhar it-Tnejn 2 ta’ Frar sal-Ġimgħa 13 ta’ Frar
Advert 2/2015:
Service Tender for an Independent Scientific Study on the Influx or Passage of Migratory Common Quail and Turtle Dove in Malta during the 2015 Spring Season.




Publishing Date

Closing Date

Expression of Interest

Provision of Policy and Project Related Services to the Wild Birds Regulation Unit ​



Expression of Interest​​

Provision of Inspector Services for the Wild Birds Regulation Unit​



Expression of Interest​​

Provision of Office Facilities to House Wild Birds Regulation Unit​



Press Release (10/12/2014): Wild Birds Regulation Unit hosts informal meeting of EU Hunting Directors
Press Release (20/09/2014): Il-Gvern jagħlaq l-istaġun tal-kaċċa b’mod immedjat
Press Release (15/09/2014): Government condemns vandalism of Wild Birds Regulation Unit’s enforcement official’s car​
Press Release (21/08/2014): Rehabilitated birds released into the wild - Photos: Mr. Christopher Cachia Zammit
Press Release (11/08/2014): Autumn hunting season dates announced
Press Release (06/08/2014): Largest ever haul of stuffed protected birds seized from a private residence
Press Release (25/07/2014): One of the most significant wildlife smuggling attempts in a decade foiled

Press Release (14/07/2014): Government announces major reform of bird trapping legislation
Press Release (14/07/2014): Il-Gvern iħabbar riforma sħiħa fir-regolamenti tal-insib
Press Release (12/07/2014): Several dilapidated hunting and trapping structures removed from Il-Majjistral Park
​Press Release (10/07/2014): Reġistrazzjoni tal-imnasab
Press Release (02/07/2014): Reġistrazzjoni tas-siti tal-imnasab f’Għawdex
Press Release (02/07/2014): Registration of live-capturing (trapping) sites in Gozo
Press Release (30/06/2014): Tiġdid tar-reġistru tas-siti tal-imnasab
Press Release (30/06/2014): Updating of register of live-capturing (trapping) sites
Press Release (13/06/2014): Government publishes detailed report on the outcome of the 2014 Spring Hunting Season for Turtle Dove and Quail
Press Release (06/06/2014): The Parliamentary Secretariat for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights publishes finch live-capturing assessment.
Press Release (03/06/2014): Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights will consider Ornis Committee recommendation concerning live-capturing of 7 finch species in Autumn 2014
Press Release (30/05/2014): Regolamenti ġodda dwar il-protezzjoni tal-fenek selvaġġ se jkunu ppubblikati fil-jiem li ġejjin
Press Release (30/05/2014): New protection of wild rabbit regulations to be published in the coming day
Press Release (08/05/2014): Reaction to UK House of Commons debate entitled “UK policy on protection of migratory birds in Malta”

Press Release (03/05/2014): Inspections doubled in comparison with 2013, quadrupled in comparison with 2012

Press Release (19/04/2014): Rare bird continues on its journey.
Press Release (18/04/2014): Watching over a rare bird.
Press Release (22/03/2014): Official hunting and trapping enforcement statistics show drastic improvement in comparison with 2012.
Spring Hunting Season 2014:
Press Release (21/03/2014): Spring hunting season 2014 / Staġun tal-kaċċa fir-rebbiegħa 2014
Legal Notice 86/2014: Framework Regulations (Amendment)
Legal Notice 87/2014: Notice of Derogation
Frequently Asked Questions
Press Release (16/01/2014):
Collection of Carnet de Chasse booklets between Saturday 1st and Thursday 13th 

February 2014 - Ġbir tal-kotba tal-Carnet de Chasse bejn is-Sibt 1 ta’ Frar sal-Ħamis 13 ta’ Frar 2014

Press Release (23/10/2013): Government publishes amendments to Conservation of Wild Birds Regulations

Press Release (10/10/2013): Increased enforcement during autumn 2013 hunting season yields results

Press Release (17/09/2013): Autumn 2013 live-capturing season (Song Thrush and Golden Plover). 


Advert 141/2013:

Service tender for an Independent Scientific Study on the influx or passage of migratory common quail and turtle dove in Malta during the 2014 Spring Season.

Advert 52/2014:

Service Tender for An Independent Scientific Study on the Influx or Passage of Migratory Common Quail and Turtle Dove in Malta During the 2014 Autumn Season.

Advert 53/2014:

Service Tender for An Independent Scientific Study on the Influx or Passage of Migratory Finches in Malta During the 2014 Autumn/Winter Season.