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M'Scala Family Park

The Farm and Equine area at Sant Antnin Family Park have become one of the main attractions. We take pride in giving the best presentation, cleanliness and care for our animals so that everyone can enjoy this experience. The area is safely enclosed with a network of fences and gates to prevent animal escapes. The animal pens are well sheltered and kept clean at all times.  Food and water for the animals is in continuous supply. We also guarantee that our animals are all healthy and well behaved.
Visitors can observe, interact and take pictures of our animals at their leisure. In addition, depending on the season, one might also have a glimpse of newborns huddled against their mothers. Our pens include: pygmy goats, sheep, goats, a llama, chickens and a horse. ​
Our Herb Garden lies adjacent to the farm area.  We grow a wide selection of herbs, mostly used in our traditional cuisine.  

PARK is also responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the 34U areas of the Family Park. 1000 trees have already been planted with most of them being already established.