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PARK has teamed up with Dinja Waħda in the creation of a Reading Garden at San Gorg Preca College, Blata l-Bajda Secondary. The project is cross-curricular and Form 1 students  will be involved in creating an open space that integrates nature into the curriculum across five academic subjects. PARK is involved in this project through providing skilled labour in the building of rubble wall seating. Dinja Waħda is  BirdLife's environment and sustainability education programme and includes Lifelong Learning for Nature in collaboration with the Ministry and Directorate of Education.

Students have been busy landscaping the Reading Garden, creating in the process a distinctive stable footpath on the newly landscaped soil surface. Works involved the carrying of soil, which was provided by project partners PARK, and spreading throughout the designated area and the levelling of the soil both within the seating area and the newly formed pathway. Finally, a layer of aggregate was spread over the landscaped area to obtain a stabilised footpath.

Dinja Wahda​

Hon. Minister Evarist Bartolo officially opened the Reading Garden on 19 May. During the event, the students gave a presentation where they shared their experiences of the process. One notable achievement of the project was the cross-curricular element that allowed students to apply four curriculum subjects in a natural way to an authentic situation: the creation of a garden. A second element that was generated by the project was collaboration, not only among students as they laid out paths, soil mounds and plants, but also with partners. Soil, gravel and mulch were provided by PARK after students emailed the department with their requests.

Students are now looking forward to continued commitment towards the garden during the next scholastic year.