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The Petting Farm

The Petting Farm….where fun meets education.

The latest addition to our directorate’s list of quality recreation facilities is the newly opened ‘Petting Farm’, situated on the southern part of the Ta’ Qali National Park. It covers a footprint of circa 11,600m2    


The Petting Farm offers a great interaction experience with farm animals for children in a beautifully landscaped and relaxing environment. Indeed, the Farm is an opportunity for children to get up close with animals they are not used to in everyday life.


 The main farm building hosts amongst other: Haze the horse, Bliss the pony and Muriel the donkey. Llamas, pigmy goats, sheep and Maltese goats are also housed in this building. Children are allowed to feed the animals some fodder which is specifically available on the Farm from dispensing machines.


The rabbit zoo is a separate building hosting as much as fifty different species of rabbits. All on display have, however, an option to sneak on the inside for cover, if they so wish. Occasionally, one is also able to see bunnies venturing outside their warm “burrow”, maybe for the first time.


The Aviary offers a wide variety of colourful avian species normally reared as pets, such as: the Cockatiel, Parakeets, Rosellas, Budgies, Zebra finches and many more. Close by the aviary we have the Emu, the Pheasant and the Helmeted Guinea fowl.


A pair of graciously flowing Swans are housed in the Farm pond, together with a couple of pairs of Red Crested Pochards and Rosy Billed Ducks.




Because we are so determined that your visit to our farm is enjoyable and relaxing, we have added further facilities, particularly for children to enjoy. In fact, complementing the ambiance of the Farm are two activity sheds and play equipment integrated within farm animal structures targeting the 3 -12 age bracket.


Besides, the Farm caters also for kids’ entertainment. Complementing the environment of the Farm are two sets of playing equipment integrated within farm animal structures, targeting mainly the 3 – 12 age bracket.




Bottom line is, we are a great destination for :
A family day out.
School Groups.
Educational Events.
What’s more? You can actually bring your dog over…… as long as it is kept on leash!
All in all the Petting Farm is an innovative experience for all visitors which should not be missed!
Opening Hours:
Winter:    06:30 – 19:30
Summer:  06:30 – 20.30
For further enquires: 2292 8133