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Salini National Park

Years ago, a derelict land situated at the southern tip of Qawra, covering an area of approximately 49,000m2 was included in a master plan for the development of a new National Park. Towards the end of the 1990’s, large parcels of land were reclaimed back by the government, while plans for landscaping and afforestation areas where drawn up. Terrace large areas of land were established by introducing more soil, transported from other construction sites. This gave the terrain a more rural aspect. To compliment the local rural environment, long stretches of rubble walls were built. 
Over 12,000 Maltese indigenous tree species were planted, mostly under the 34U Campaign. Tress planted included:Aleppo pine-Pinus halepensis, the Mediterranean Oak-Quercus ilex, Bay laurel-Laurus nobilis, Myrtil-Myrthus communis, Lentisc-Pistacia lentiscus, Olive-Olea europea, Pomegrenate-Pomis granatum and the Chaste tree-Vitex agnus castus. Locals and foreigners, various local companies, financial banks and embassies took up the initiative and planted there own trees on this newly established site. A water reservoir situated under the said car park, with a holding capacity of 1,728m3 these afforested and other green areas during the dry season.    
The Salina Park incorporates a parking area with 37 parking bays, including spaces for persons with restricted mobility. The focal point of the Salina Park is however a centralised open fountain surrounded by a lush carpet of natural turf. This area is very popular with visitors, especially foreigners who wish to spend some relaxation time maybe reading, or simply taking in the sun on the surrounding benches.An artificial water stream flows from the turfed area to a lateral entrance of the park.  
A privately operated cafeteria and a public convenience provide the park with all the necessities one expects from such relcreational areas. The park is also serviced with a free filtered Wi-Fi internet system. 
The Kennedy Grove area, which forms the lowest terrace of the Salina Park and named in honour of the ex-American President John F. Kennedy, was recently re-invigorated.  A number of  water features and new foot paths were installed whilst the J.F.K. memorial itself was restored.
Fields adjacent to and across the road from the Salina Park, amounting to 15,000m2 are currently being planted with various indigenous trees. In November 2010, 1,059 trees where planted by the general public and private companies under the 34U campaign. Plans are underway to integrate this area, to the Salina Park and Kennedy Grove, increasing the Park’s footprint to approximately 85,000m2.
In January 2011, a large Olive tree was planted in a central location of this new extension to mark the planting of the 100,000th   tree under the 34U Campaign . An open paved area, including water features, footpaths leading to various playing equipment and an artificial water stream, are projected in the near future.
Opening Hours of the Park are 06:30 to 23:30 hrs both in Summer and Winter holidays included.