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Bugibba Water Park

This water park was constructed under the supervision of Works Division and handed over to PARK for the daily running and upkeep, especially throughout the summer seasons.


This boat shaped enclosed area is divided into three coloured parts, reflecting the height and age of children. Visitors are queued according to these parameters and directed to the appropriate  coloured corridors outside. A matching coloured wrist band is given:
Green for toddlers below 80cm in height, yellow for children from 80 cm. to 1.20m and blue to youngsters not exceeding 1.60 metres in height. 


All sessions are based on a 20 minute duration, with the first session starting at 10.00am and the last finishing at 7.00pm.  During summer 2013 an average of 300 children visited the park daily.
Water features include: the Palm Spring, Spray-zy Daisy streams of fun water cannons and Bucket Tower in the blue coloured part, targeting youngsters. Water Loops Trio, Parasol, Umbrella, Cat Tail-Leaf and Cat Tail Water features are provided for young children in the yellow area, whilst Liquid Tunnel, Sea Jelly and Liquid Jail are located in the green area, for use by toddlers.
This park is also equipped with showers, amenities, locker room and security/water park attendant’s room.
The Water Park was inaugurated on 23rd June 2012.
It is open in summer normally from 2nd July till the end of September.
Further Enquiries: 21570238 or 2292 8207.