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BOV Adventure Park

The Ta’Qali National Park area has become increasingly popular, during these past years particularly with families seeking outdoor recreational outings and relaxation.
New extensions, as well as regular upgrading of the entire Ta’ Qali National Park have certainly contributed to an ever-increasing influx of visitors particularly during weekends and public holidays.  Such enhancements, to mention just a few, include the following areas: ‘The Oak Tree Circle’, ‘The Europa Grove’, ‘The Roots Area’, ‘The extension to the entrance of the Formal Garden’, ‘The  Petting Farm’ ,‘The Picnic Area’ and ‘The BOV Adventure Park’.
Play area for children of age bracket 2 to 12 
The main concept  behind the establishment of the ‘Adventure Park’ was that of introducing an innovative recreational facility for families with young children of all abilities. As a result of this, a chaotic and dangerous open space previously used as a through road was eliminated and a better organised parking and traffic management was established.
In fact the entire ‘Adventure Park’ site, stretching approximately 400 meters, is situated on the ex- RAF runway, flanked with the ever popular ‘Picnic Area’ on one side and the ‘Meridiana’ vineyards on the other.
The Adventure Park is basically divided into two main areas: the play area targeting children of age bracket 2 to 12 and the area primarily meant for  youths and adults, with the Amenity Building centrally located in between. The area for age bracket 2 to 12 hosts play equipment and water features earmarked for all abilities whilst the other, which hosts the ‘Rope Course’ structure, is earmarked for older children/youths and adults alike. The Amenity Building houses, besides a cafeteria, separate male and female sanitary facilities, accessible to all.

Concrete paved pathways and water features 
Printed concrete and tarmac paved pathways, amounting to approximately, 1800m2 in area run across the entire length of the Park. On entering the Park, the main visitors are welcomed by one of five newly constructed water features each around seven metres in diameter, with individual water and lighting displays, some being interactive. To further add a sense of adventure, these water features are complemented with franka slabs walkways, under which a stream flows to a final water catchment made up of three small, particularly shaped ponds and two larger ones.  Two timber humped bridges overlie the two larger ponds which provide that added value to the whole site.
The five play areas, varying in size, shape and challenge level, are situated between the main entrance and the Amenity building. They cover a total area of approximately 1300m2. Four of these areas a covered in green/red rubber matting while the other, purposely left as an open space, is covered in artificial turf. On all four play areas, innovative play equipment, catering for various child age groups and abilities. All play areas are complemented with adequate seating facilities for accompanying adults. All seating facilities, including two timber gazebos, strategically positioned between pathways, are covered with timber structured canopies.  The Park is lit with over sixty decorative lamp posts which add that distinctive character to the whole project, especially after sunset.
Children’s play area and timber gazebo

The other area, which is easier accessible via the back entrance of the Park, houses the equipment  known as ‘The Rope Courses’ – an innovative and challenging equipment targeting the more adventurous. The Rope Courses offer different levels of challenge and adventure according to the skills, abilities and adventurous nature of the individual. Notwithstanding, given the risks involved and to ensure safety at all times, users of this facility are always supported by qualified instructors.
The rope course structure measures twenty-four metres (24m) in length, twelve metres (12m) in width and nine metres (9m) in height and is divided into two tiers suitable for both the adventurous and the more determined adventurous climbers.
In designing the Park, special care was taken to ensure that controlled vehicular access was well incorporated in the project. A service road, separate from pedestrian access, runs along the entire length of the park. Access to this road, intended to serve amongst other fire engines and ambulances, in case of emergencies, is controlled by a gate at each end.
Health, Safety and Peace of Mind. – A Priority:
To ensure that all the play equipment and water features are safe,  P.A.R.K. invests every possible effort, to follow safety regulations scrupulously.
All our play equipment carries European Standards EN certification. Moreover, the play equipment is regularly checked and serviced to prevent danger.
The Water features are also regularly maintained and the water monitored. Water flowing through these features is regularly tested and automatically dosed with regulated amounts of acid and chlorine. To add that extra peace of mind, running water is continuously filtered through a UV process.
The site is also supported with a water reservoir to help with the water irrigation of all turfed surfaces, trees and shrubs planted in the area.

Rope course structure area

We take every opportunity to promote environment friendly measures particularly with young and adult visitors. To reduce CO2 emissions generated from energy consumption directly related to the park itself, a self rotating series of photovoltaic panels has been installed at the back entrance of this park. This system generates approximately 1.5 units/hour of electricity in peak sun hours, which are fed into the national grid.
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