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Tree 4 U Campaign (34u)

trees planted in 34U Campaign 

Tree planting remains one of the most cost-effective ways of addressing climate change, as trees are able to absorb carbon dioxide and therefore regulate the climate. The 34U campaign was launched in January 2005.

Trees planted in 34U Campaign 


Planting indigenous trees have a vital role to play in our Maltese landscape. Therefore, the 34U Campaign gives an opportunity to individuals, NGO’s and companies alike to plant indigenous trees in afforestation areas around the Maltese Islands. 


Trees planted in 34U Campaign 

  • The price of €14 includes;
  • One indigenous Tree or Shrub,
  • Wooden Stake,
  • Aluminium tag bearing a dedication and also
  • A commemorative photo which will be sent at the given address


Trees planted in 34U Campaign 


Ambjent Malta will then be responsible for the initial planting and careful nurturing of the tree.  If the tree dies it will be replaced at no extra cost by our department.

Planting trees is a perfect way to honour an individual, commemorate an event such as a wedding, an anniversary, a graduation, or even memorialise a loved one, or even a pet.  It is also a living legacy, a gift which will grow stronger year after year, and a unique and elegant way to express your feelings with a gift that will grow stronger with every passing year.


Trees planted in 34U Campaign 


An online application  has been set up in order to facilitate the process and promote better the Tree for You (34U) Campaign.  EN|MT
 Trees planted in 34U Campaign


How it works:  

Where will my tree(s) be planted?

A location will be chosen by Ambjent Malta. We collaborate even with local councils and proper care is taken after planting.

How much does a Tree Dedication cost? What does the sponsor receive?
The tree costs €14 and includes the wooden stake to keep it upright, an aluminium tag and a commemorative photo.

Can I make a dedication for any occasion?
A tree is the perfect way to commemorate any occasion such as birthdays, anniversary, wedding gift, graduations and also in loving memory or a person or a pet.
Can I add a message to the certificate?
Yes a message can be added on the card which will be sent by post.
How long does it take for my Tree Dedication to be mailed? Do you mail outside Malta?
  • Usually it takes around two weeks after the tree planting.
  • Yes tourists who wish to plant a tree in Malta can also do so. The commemorative photo will be mailed to their home address.

I am interested in placing a large order, do you offer discounts?

If you are planting a large number of trees, we can omit the tags and place an A4 Plaque adjacent to the trees. Without the tags, the trees will cost €12

How can I book my tree?
You can book your tree either by sending an email on , call on 22928190 or apply online.
To commemorate voucher 


34U flyer front page 
Information flyer - Page 1 (click on image to enlarge)


34U flyer back page 
Information flyer - Page 2 (click on image to enlarge)