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The Petting Farm Ta’ Qali National Park

Entrance to the Petting Farm 

The Petting Farm, is situated in the southern part of the Ta’ Qali Park.  It covers an area of circa 11.600m2.  The Farm offers a unique encounter for children with different farm animals as well as recreational space for all the Family.

Inside The Petting Farm 

The main Farm Building, comprises of seven paddocks, hosting petting farm animals such as goats, sheep, a llama, a donkey, a pony and a horse.  Animal feed is available from feeding machines close to the paddocks, thus children can interact easily with their favorite animals by feeding them.  Some animals love to be gently stroked and fed, however great care must be taken with the larger animals. 
 Goats at The Petting Farm

Pony at The Petting Farm 

Donkey at The Petting Farm 
Apart from the main farm animals one can enjoy a variety of colourful avian species in The Aviary including Parakeets, Eastern Rosella, Love Birds, Doves, Partridges and others.

One of the colourful Avian species at The Petting Farm

For all rabbit lovers, one can walk around the Rabbit Zoo which houses around 50 different breeds of rabbits. While daily care falls under the responsibility of the Petting Farm, members of the Malta Rabbit Club who are also the owners of the exhibited rabbits, give a hand during weekends. A new Rabbits’ Petting Area has been lately added to the premises.

Entrance to the Rabbit Zoo 

Situated near the Rabbit Zoo is the Duck pond. In the Pond one can enjoy Geese, Mallards and other duck species, among which are the rosy-billed Pochard.

 The Duck Pond at The Petting Farm

The Duck Pond at The Petting Farm 

Ducks in the pnd at The Petting Farm

Set close to the main entrance and parking area is a Rabbit and Bird cage.  Rabbits here are free to roam and play around, or shelter into their hiding tunnels.  Among the species of rabbits in this cage is the small rabbit called ‘tax-Xiber’. This same cage houses some other species of birds such as the lovely song bird called the Yellow bishop Weaver, Parakeets and doves.

The Rabbit and Bird Cage at the park. 

Rabbits in the Rabbit and Bird Cage 

Some eight hens and two cocks are housed in a purposely built Chicken Coop which in itself is another attraction for visitors.
The farm is also equipped with two farms themed ‘Playing Areas’ and two ‘Activity Sheds’ for children to play around and to take part in related activities particularly when organized during their school visits. Since the once abundant number of Windmills have dwindled from the Maltese countryside, one particular windmill has been purposely placed at the farm for all visitors to see and appreciate.

The Chicken Coop and Play Area

Windmill at the park 
The latest addition in the Petting farm is the featured fish pond holding Koi fish. This has been meticulously designed and built to resemble a natural waterfall and enhanced with a bridge for anyone to enjoy crossing over the water features.

 Entrance to the Fish Pond

The Fish Pond at the park. 

The Fish Pond at the park 
Apart from being an attraction to children and adults alike, the Petting Farm offers educational opportunities such as hand-on experiences to both local and foreign students attending various colleges. 
 Inside The Petting Farm

These premises are accessible to all and serviced with its own car park while sanitary facilities offer amenities related to people with special needs. Daily works include animal compounds cleaning, animal feeding and care and health monitoring whereby Veterinary Doctors are called in when necessary. Other works include landscaping and maintenance works throughout where necessary.

Goats at the park 

Works are carried out seven days a week since staff performs their duties on shift basis. 

Inside The Petting Farm 

Opening Hours: 
Winter: 06.30 – 19.30
Summer: 06.30 – 20.30 

For further enquiries: 22928133 

Inside The Petting Farm