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​​​Report re: Siġġiewi Planning Application
- Report
​- Appendices to Report​
​Fish Farm Reports

Fish Farm Report - August 2016 ​
​​Park Nazzjonali tal-Inwadar​
​Park Nazzjonali tal-Inwadar Management Plan Brief
​Park Nazzjonali tal-Inwadar Consultation Feedback Document​

​Outline Strategy 

Implementation of a National Restoration and Afforestation Project in the Maltese Islands​

​Sustainable Development

Annual report 2013

​​Annual report 2014​

Malta Climate Change Adaptation Strategy


National Climate Change Mitigation Strategy

National Adaptation Strategy

National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (Consultation Report)


​Geoscience Assessment Report on Azure Window (July 2013)

Geological and Geotechnical Report on Azure Window, Gozo:  Rock Assessment and Recommendations on Preservation and Conservation​

Green Paper (April 2012):


The Maltese Wine Sector: A Focus on Quality Wines


Sponsorships Results for Students to become Veterinarians:


Results re-Call for applications for Sponsorships Offered by the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs to Students or Potential Students Studying to Become Veterinarians published in the Government Gazette No. 18,717​


​Application forms for Provisional Exemption from Eco Contribution

Rehabilitation Strategies for Maghtab, Qortin and Wied Fulija landfills:


Summary Report by Scott Wilson

Appendix A - Surface Gas Monitoring

Appendix B - Soil Analysis

Appendix C - Water Analysis

Appendix D - Air Monitoring Analysis

Appendix E - Laboratory Gas Analysis

Appendix F - Ecological Surveys


Working Group on Waste-to-Energy - Request for Information:


Request for Information

Waste Summary Sheet Form

Gozo Waste Statistics

Malta Waste Statistics


Explore long-term projects to manage specific waste streams in a more sustainable manner:



Information Campaign


Waste to Energy:


Guidelines: Waste Incineration

Guidelines: Power Plants

Technical Report Waste to Energy


Construction and Demolition Waste:


Recycling of Construction and Demolition Waste


Application for the use of P.A.R.K.S.:


Application form for the use of Salina National Park

Application form for the use of Ta’ Qali Park

Application form for the use of Sant’ Antnin Family Park​​


Other Downloads:


Correspondence on ERA decision re PA 581/16 and PA 1191/05​​​

Complete list of Maltese retail fish species 

NREAP Presentation - Achieving the RES 2020 target

Waste Management Plan for the Maltese Islands - Consultation Document

FORESTA 2000 - The Malta INNOVA Pilot Project Area

Application for applicants as per MPO44/2009 circular - Engagement of Energy Auditors

Assessing the Feasibility of Waste to Energy Technologies in Malta

Situation Audit of the Solid Waste Management Strategy for the Maltese Islands

Agricultural Waste Management Plan

Malta's List of Approved Establishments

Nitrates Action Programme - August 2011

Pjan ta’ Azzjoni dwar in-Nitrati - Awwissu 2011

Nitrates Action Programme SEA Screening Document

​Additional Information:
Eco Contribution Reform: Removal of Eco-Contribution on EEE​
Mepa Demerger​​